Sleepover at Mr. C.

August 2012, Beverly Hills, California

Mr. C Beverly Hills // Linens by Casa Rovea

Mr. C Beverly Hills // Linens by Casa Rovea

Slept here two years ago. Don't rememeber much about the sheets, but the pillows were fantastic and the headboard made me feel like Sharon Stone in Casino. White leather will do that to a girl, I think. 

We came to LA for the weekend, possibly for no particular reason but maybe for a friend's birthday - I can't remember. We drank everything we could and took dozens of pictures of ourselves and the minibar. The night we got in, I stopped at In 'N Out on the way from the airport and grabbed a milkshake and a soggy bag of burgers and fries. I was tired from the flight and the bed looked so comfortable, but I didn't want to get grease on the white sheets, so I ate really quickly on a chair in the corner. 

The milkshake could come into bed, though, because it was vanilla.