How to survive winter.

It's winter and it's cold and I'm cranky. You're cranky. We're all cranky. Here's an idea: why don't we just embrace lethargy and queue up a bunch of stuff we can enjoy from the comfort of our own beds? 

1) MAKING A MURDERER: By now I shouldn't have to tell you about Making a Murderer, but perhaps you decided to do real things over the holidays like sit on a beach or ski or actually spend time with your family and therefore need one last push. Watch this show. Bring tissues. And if you're a chick, prepare to google "how to volunteer for the Innocence Project". (FYI, here. You're welcome.) Just fire up Netflix and call me when you're done so we can talk about how they are so innocent and you, too, hate the state of Wisconsin. I'll wait. 

2) LIMETOWN: Limetown is a fantastic podcast that takes the true-crime format of Serial with the pacing of Homeland and mixes in a little 1984 sci-fi edge for good measure. All I can tell you, without spoilers, is Limetown is a fictionalized town in Tennesee whose 300-something residents up and vanish one day. I have the attention span of a raccoon and I couldn't stop listening. And might I remind you this is a podcast? In other words: this doesn't even require your eyes to be open.

3) PIZZA: Pizza is always a good idea, and if you're a degenerate like me you might prefer to eat your pizza in bed, where both of you belong. [Ed note: I took a poll recently and apparently everyone I know thinks it's gross to eat in bed. Guess what I don't care.] For my NYC friends, get on your Postmates grind and order from one of my top 3 faves: GG's, Don Antonio, or Arturo's. The key is to put down a towel and protect the duvet at all costs. 

The Grandma Pie from GG's // photo courtesy of GG's NYC

The Grandma Pie from GG's // photo courtesy of GG's NYC

4) CIRE TRUDON ABD EL KADER CANDLE: Everyone loves Diptyque. I love Diptyque. But there is life after Baies. Check out Cire Trudon's Abd el Kader. It smells like a cup of mint tea and is calming and fragrant without being overwhelming. My friend recently got me hooked (which is hard, because I don't like listening to other people. 

5) DJ KHALED'S SNAPCHAT: If I'm not texting you back, it's either because I hate you or I'm busy watching DJ Khaled's snapchat (username: djkhaled305).