Vegas gets me.


The view from suite 43015 at Vdara Las Vegas // November 2015

The view from suite 43015 at Vdara Las Vegas // November 2015

Last weekend was arguably the best weekend of my entire adult human life. Inexplicably, I have somehow made it through life thus far without ever even being presented with the option of Vegas. I tried not to think about why that is (am I a loser? Are my friends losers? Am I not "Vegas material?") and instead focused on making it through the weekend alive. I was going to Vegas for a bachelor party, and I was going to have the best time ever. 

 The activities I engaged in were too base to try and sugarcoat with prose, so for your reference I will list them here. What I encountered was, I'm told, pretty standard for Vegas - but seemed really cool to me:

- Strip clubs (for the record I love strip clubs. I find them endlessly entertaining) 

- Front row at the Britney Spears concert (she neither sang nor danced, but was still incredible in ways I cannot yet fully understand)

- Private pool party at the Mandarin Oriental (which was perhaps not as debauched as other pool parties, but far more indulgent. Chicken fingers and Cristal? Yes ma'am.)

- Regular roulette breaks, during which I invariably won eleven dollars (for a grand total of +$44 for the weekend. What can I say? I'm a winner.)

- Getting in the booth with Lil' Jon, who was not nearly as thrilled to see me as I him

Despite the aforementioned excitement, the best part of the trip was also completely unexpected. Our very gracious host/organizer thoughtfully procured suites for the group at the Vdara, a non-smoking, gambling-free tower at the Aria complex. 

Sunset at the Vdara Las Vegas // November 2015

Sunset at the Vdara Las Vegas // November 2015

My suite was a two-bedroom, three-bathroom (!) penthouse fit for Ginger McKenna herself. (And at 1800 square feet, it was also larger than my NYC apartment.) I'm a sucker for a good view, and the Vdara did not disappoint. The bed was firm but cozy with a duvet and four sumptuous king-size pillows; it made the hangover bearable, perhaps even enjoyable. 

Besides a full kitchen and living/dining area, there were bathrooms with double sinks, large showers, and freestanding soaking tubs.  They say leaving is the hardest part, and they are correct.